What’s the condition of your heart?

Never judge.

We don’t know how each other faced, facing their journey. Most of all never judge yourself.

I experienced many times with idea grabber or almost failed a grade because the teacher/professor lost my paper. But I never asked to earn higher grade and never failed to keep references. God sees and we can’t hide from Him. Praise God my parents thought us to love taking notes, keep receipts, don’t keep grudges for a long time (kasi mahirap talaga bitawan kung wala ang Diyos)…

Never take question or have a list of how to be called successful or how they succeed. Except what is successful to God. Give Him all the glory.

Not all sees qualities enough without quantitative data in the world.

Consider every failure as meaning towards success, a go extra mile challenge.

God is at work. Trust Him.

Bring glory to Him.

He’s not asking for quantity for we failed Him many times. He asked for a strong and constant condition of our heart to Him.

We can’t serve two or more masters.


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