Female mostly have cravings to be noticed, loved. Even male.

As per Merriam Webster,

We long for something we aim to be fulfilled. Which mostly we pursue it even outside our comfort zone. If the longing becomes intense, desperately…

How are you going to filled a glass with your list of priority? This is something to think.

Love is the greatest feeling that can also bring out the monster in you. Heart is deceitful. Lets be careful and vigilant.

Even I came to the point I don’t know how to call a relationship. How to trace the standard if he’s a boyfriend or boy friend?

That’s how wrong views twisted me and even become a lukewarm Christian. Only God can help us.

We need help, healer. We need God. Transformation can’t be done overnight. It requires wholehearted commitment to Him, submission and obedience.

Let’s not use accepting Jesus as license to disobey. God loves us. Check our heart not just day by day but also moment by moment. 

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