I thought you’re the one. I miss the 9 years of friendship and supposed to be 4 years turned to be 4 months with no reason just leave like a bubble.

This keep coming to my mind. I miss you.

Time will come I will forget and butterflies in my stomach will no longer happen Everytime we meet. Meet intentionally or by accident.

Thank you, you’re concern to my health. You’re still a very good friend and knows me well. But I must let you go.

I must wake up and stop investing time and emotions. I know the only label we have is friends.

God loves me well, more than enough and more than I deserve.

I must be reminded that the effective way to share Jesus is He must be seen in me. One man rule, unfiltered.

We can’t. He can. He can through us. Wholehearted submission is needed. Transformation can’t be done overnight.


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