Jigsaw puzzle

This week open my eyes to many. Answered my question when I was little.

Asking “how…?” at age 5 years old. God made it retained strongly. How much my memory is affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

God is sovereign. My creator and friend. He knows me more than anyone knows.

2nd quarter this year opened lots of hugs and kisses. Nothing can bit the LORD’s will. It took years to be answered but fervent prayer and having it at heart. Holy Spirit helped me what to pray during times I don’t speak any, even when I speak.

God knows our heart, our needs, desires… He’s a perfect planner. He knows when.

God gave us a gift of binding and collision of love. Excited to see them again and more pictures…

MS is my journey with My Savior. Truly an adventure. This is a continuous plant of seed and even change of my heart of stone to flesh.

“This is a true saying, to be completely accepted and believed: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I am the worst of them, but God was merciful to me in order that Christ Jesus might show his full patience in dealing with me, the worst of sinners, as an example for all those who would later believe in him and receive eternal life. To the eternal King, immortal and invisible, the only God—to him be honor and glory forever and ever! Amen.”

1 Timothy 1:15‭-‬17 GNT


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