Bend knees

Have a moment of silent with the LORD.

We can never fight it without the LORD we need Him. Yes we can’t understand, this call for choosing to chase Him. To get connected with Him.

“Job, you challenged Almighty God; will you give up now, or will you answer?  I spoke foolishly, Lord. What can I answer? I will not try to say anything else.  I have already said more than I should.  Then out of the storm the Lord spoke to Job once again.  Now stand up straight and answer my questions.  Are you trying to prove that I am unjust— to put me in the wrong and yourself in the right?  Are you as strong as I am? Can your voice thunder as loud as mine?  If so, stand up in your honor and pride; clothe yourself with majesty and glory.”

Job 40:1‭-‬10 GNT

You’ll feel strong if you choose to be with Him and allow Him to be the master of your life. He created you and me nothing is impossible with Him just trust and obey.

To rest is an area everyone aims to have. Let’s compensate it getting intimate to God.

God loves us so much.

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