By human nature we judge not just others and also ourselves by comparing to others.

By comparing ourselves to others we missed to check our own bag of blessings. Just by simply checking your age, house, parents, siblings, heart beat, inhaling, exhaling… We’re blessed.

I do gained weight and mostly judge as someone who loves to eat and take sweets. I have small size tablet of corticosteroids as one of my medication. One of it’s side effect is to cause sodium (salt) and fluid to be retained in the body and cause weight gain or swelling of the legs.

In first few years I cried about it. God made me realized He loves me more than anyone can. He knows me so well and His word is the greatest arbiter.

I came short but God remained faithful. His discipline is the greatest of all. Now through Multiple Sclerosis I smile a lot and I can’t stop it. My journey with MS is not mine to keep but to share. It’s my journey with My Savior.

All glory, honor and praises to God.

I am nothing without Him.

I am happy and blessed 🙂


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