Knock on wood

KNOCK ON WOOD I read about it in our English text book when I was in high school. This honestly fascinate me about telling this is a belief that woods has a power to bring luck & nothing bad will happened. This definitely shows idolatry.

Many of us showcase this not just by on wood even in being good looking, believing only to yourself and so forth…

I read the following from a blog:

“The Bible says: Those who regard worthless idols forsake their own Mercy.” (Jonah 2:8) It may seem harmless to knock on wood or keep a lucky charm or read a star chart. But the Bible says that by doing that you forsake Mercy (meaning the hand of the true God) that could be yours. Investing in false things is more than just being misdirected. It means you are not invested in things which could actually help you or make a difference in your situation. If, for instance, you invested ten thousand dollars in a worthless pyramid scheme you not only lose your money but you lose the interest you would have gained if you had invested wisely. The pay back from investing in God and in his kingdom cannot be overestimated. Instead of knocking on wood, try knocking on heaven’s door!”

-Hannah’s Cupboard Knocking on wood

Knocking on wood will never do anything you think it can do. Trust God instead. It’s not about religion it’s about relationship to God.



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