Fellow believer of Jesus Christ, let’s walk the talk.

We tend to just like, quote, share… Honestly can’t do it. Even I as a woman and single struggle from it.

Let’s not be like chameleons. We changed color depending to what we wanted to be; just be like, not rejected.

Nor be legalist just to say we’re doing the right thing. Scrupulous it sound just be considered with high regards, morally correct.

Yes this is human default and we can’t solved it on our own. We need God.

We can’t. He can. He can through us.

To solve, I pray, read His word daily and ask God to help me for I really can’t.

Total submission is not easy and I understand. We may not turned to pillar of salt like Lot’s wife but there’s a definite consequence for whatever we choose. I’m still working in progress.

Good News Translation Genesis 19:17

“Then one of the angels said, “Run for your lives! Don’t look back and don’t stop in the valley. Run to the hills, so that you won’t be killed.”

Let’s be sensitive and receptive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.


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