Amazing Grace

God reminded me sa sabi ni Pastor Bong sa CCF Pastors’ Prayer Partners nung December 2014: “Huwag tumingin sa preacher, tumingin kay Jesus Christ. We attend worship service not because who’ll deliver, kung hindi para makinig ng mensahe ni God sa bawat isa sa atin.”

May iba’t ibang hugot sa atin. Makinig tayo at namnamin. Huwag kalimutan na sa bawat naririnig o nababasa always check against the standard. Which the only standard is His Word the Bible 🙂

Yes there’s a question that brought in my mind kagabi. And it is because this is different to what we used to have every Sunday. What I did today I attended the 12nn service through Live Streaming.

SNS – September 9, 2017
Pastor Aumar Aguilar
Landmine of Depression

When not deal properly it cause malfunction.
When we solve by ourselves, temporarily yes it can relieve.
But the problem is still present.

The things we do may be good at a time but you still need to deal with it with other source.

Problems exists that can make you feel wanting to give up. There’s hope.In Jesus you’ll find peace.Consider Him. Put your hope in Jesus.

Put your hope in Jesus
1. Remember the heroes of faith ¦ Remember the clouds of witnesses
We don’t have more problems on things. Mostly relationship to people. Fix your eyes on Jesus.
He gives and takes away. Blessed is the name of the LORD.

2. Remove the burdens.
Lay aside all the weights. There are weights that weighs us down.
What we values the most is our god. Do not put our hope and security on Things.

3. Refocus on Jesus
Why? Because Jesus can relate on us.
We can come to Jesus. Why? For we can find hope in Him.
Whatever you hear from God apply it.
Sometimes our emotions can drive us down.

Focus on Jesus to find hope.
Let us consider to encourage one another.
It is important to encircle ourselves with God’s people, with other believers.

Here’s my learning nuggets from today’s service preached by Pastor Bong:

Live Streaming – September 10, 2017
Pastor Bong Saquing

As preacher it’s depressing that the listener matters the intonation.

Living a life without purpose is depressing.

Depression is the leading cause of disability.
Depression hits all people in any status.
After desiring to reach their dream, they’ll ask, “Is this all it is?”

Depression is the favorite tool of Satan. To get Christians away, dry having relationship with Jesus.

He commanded us to rejoice. We have a choice to rejoice and to be controlled by our emotions.

Look all the things of the world, settle to Jesus.

The problem with Elijah is not just fell to the situation. It’s the scenario he created that not real.

Often we got depressed, because we see our problems as Big. We don’t see how big is our God.

Feeling depressed momentarily is not a sin. But if you allow this to overcome.

We must be willing to come to God, to hear Him well.
Pour out your heart to Jesus.

Do not let your emotions to control you.
Don’t get used to it. Go to God.
Release it to the LORD and He’ll help you.

Often time we got depressed for we have wrong view of ourselves, wrong view of God.

Have a habit hearing God.
Prepare yourself to Hear.
Have a time to study His Word and pray.
Listen to God’s instructions and own His Word, promises.
Make it a habit to bank the Word of God.
What we feed our mind, affects what we produce.

Our tendency is to withdraw. Don’t withdraw from other Christians. Learn to listen, listen to speak. Encourage one another.

Be honest to God. Tell Him what you’re going through. He’ll delivered you.

Do not get used to the feeling of dry to God. Come to Him and hear Him; to have a fire, passion to serve Him. That He take control of our life. Surrender your all to Him.


Amazing ang pagdeliver ng same topic in different touch of Holy Spirit. God willing attend ako ulit ng Saturday Night Service at attend pa rin ng Sunday service 🙂

Every Sunday din kapag magKaiba ang preacher wow sarap din pakinggan at pagAralan ang message. I review how it touch my heart and lifestyle. Blessed 🙂 God is amazing to orchestrate.


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