There’s noise, a loud one.
Seems a commotion in different ideas,
But one topic.

These made me cried,
Almost eaten to the idea I’m a loser.
Until, the Silent One speak after I prayed.

“If I stick to that idea that’s my definition of myself.
That’s who I believe and my strength comes from.”

This was my prayer:

Prayed asking God to revive my joy for His glory.
And help me to understand what the world calls rejection.

Two verses came:

Followed by two devotions:

To the peek I almost compensate it with the world can offer,
When prayed and read the verses whispered.
Peace came.

God made me realized the following:

1. My desire if given right away can be a burden to my spiritual growth.
2. Yes He designed me with those gifts.
3. But if I wrongly used it to have my desires. I’ll forget and neglect God’s existence.
4. He holds the plan and trust Him.

God is faithful.
Let’s never missed to pray.

Lies is everywhere.

Let’s not be eaten by it.

Choose to be lead to the promises of God and claim it.

Thankful to the people God brought to me.
You answered my prayer.


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