Regrets Nah…

What if I don’t leave my dreams?

If I don’t, I’ll never witness and experience my recent. By God’s grace the mountain is moving.

Impossible to Science but never to our alive God.

I did cried many times for loneliness was eating me. Our alive God never failed to cradle me.

God made me realized, I am the one who’s caging myself to the idea I am lonely.

Today (October 13, 3017), I turned 31. I made an analysis about myself with regards to what I want in every age bracket.

The root cause of all I want is time. This root cause is I need. Needed to filled. Which only our alive God can do. This analysis is done by God’s grace. I can never do it on my own.

Wants are temporary. Need is essential. Which can be seen if we’re willing to shutdown the world and ourselves; And to surrender to Him wholeheartedly, in order to hear Him, through His Word.

Are you willing to turn off the world and yourself? And seek to hear God?


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