I posted this photo a year ago on Facebook. Pertaining to the weight gain I earned through medication’s side effect. Through this as I stated, I am thankful nobody notice I’m battling MS.

This is my recent photo, taken this December 1, 2017 (Friday) in the hospital. While I’m waiting to be called. I am the last patient of my doctor. I patiently wait for I need my doctor for new prescription and advice if I can work in office set up again. I was attended at around 10PM for my doctor attended us thoroughly. One of the points I am blessed to have my Neuro-psychiatry doctor.

I never hide I’m diagnosed with MS and a registered Person’s With Disabilities. Disabilities associated every time I’m experiencing acute exacerbation.

I understand my doctor’s refusal and felt blessed. He even asked for full job description and; company’s response if my signs and symptoms arise and this happens often.

This made me realized my prayers are still answered with a twist of God’s touch aligning more to His way.


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