My 2017 is testimony of manna.

Oxford Dictionary of English

manna /ˈmanə /
▸ noun [mass noun]
1 (in the Bible) the substance miraculously supplied as food to the Israelites in the wilderness (Exod. 16).
▪ something beneficial that appears or is provided unexpectedly or opportunely:
a major aircraft accident is manna to lawyers.
▪ (in Christian contexts) spiritual nourishment, especially the Eucharist.
2 a sweet gum obtained from the manna ash or a similar plant, used as a mild laxative.
– ORIGIN Old English, via late Latin and Greek from Aramaic mannā, from Hebrew mān, corresponding to Arabic mann, denoting a product of the tamarisk Tamarix mannifera.”

Our God never failed to provide what is enough. It never runs dry.

I have lots of things to be thank for such:

1. Able to still wake up,

2. To speak no longer like a salad. God reminded me about my passion and heart to write. I must write first to prepare.

3. To rely on hardbound than softbound.

4. To be conscious to time.

5. To still walk…

God’s presence is enough. He’s a very good friend and comforter. Praise God that my 2017 will finally end what I keep holding. I may not turned to pillar of salt like Lot’s wife but my heart was hardened. Only God restored it.

I may not speak a lot. Good in hiding what I really feel. Choosy whom to talk to. Now I learned to speak out.

I’m now in the processes of rebooting and recharging with God.

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