Yes I love something weird in art. No wonder, I still love doodle and abstract. Including taking pictures. I am not professional photographer, I just love to take pictures of something different. It captures my attention. For there is a nice story it can tell. Even to the point of fixing unruly colored art.

I got inspired from one fellow passenger’s manicure months ago. Good thing when I shared it to manucurist through team work/brain storming this is one of the weird art we got. Weird may say by many. I, it is beautiful.

Praise God, for giving me a heart for that. As I look back and reflect on God’s call for me through how He designed me point out how capable I am to do His will. As brother Nick stated,

Yes, I still have mine. Multiple Sclerosis can’t messed up my faith.

Yes, I can no longer draw due to disability. Disability that is invisible to many. But my will to choose is not disable. All of us we can choose to choose eternal than temporary.

I told myself, “I have become a great man, far wiser than anyone who ruled Jerusalem before me. I know what wisdom and knowledge really are.” I was determined to learn the difference between knowledge and foolishness, wisdom and madness. But I found out that I might as well be chasing the wind. The wiser you are, the more worries you have; the more you know, the more it hurts.”

Ecclesiastes 1:16‭-‬18 GNT

We are nothing without God.


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