February 2012

I experienced a week of having like a cloud on my right eye. The optometrist advices me to see ophthalmologist. Which I didn’t obey thinking about the expenses and I’m the eldest.

August 2013

All of the sudden felt so dizzy and can’t walk properly. This happened during company’s annual physical exam. The doctor asked me to walk like a beauty queen and did some neurological test like pointing fingers… I was advice to have CT scan due to notable right side weaknesses. Again I did not obey.

January 1, 2014

This something that startled my whole family for I had very painful right eye, slurred speech and uneasiness to walk. That occur in few seconds and few seconds it will return to normal…

January 2014

I see doctor on Jan 3 and recommend me to have the CT scan and bring the result to neurologist. When I gave the result to the first neurologist who saw me I was asked to have MRI/MRA. Due to he saw that’s more than stroke. When I had the result he advised me to be confined from Jan 21 to 25. I was diagnosed with demyelating disease and Multiple Sclerosis is part of it. I also undergone lumbar tap. When I saw my medical bill I fell on my knees though I really can’t do it. Just few minutes the nurse of the office I was working with called. And the story started how I’m able to go out the hospital all by God’s grace.

 February 3, 2014

It was confirmed I have multiple sclerosis.

November 2014

I experienced all the symptoms but unstoppable it took more than a month. I transferred to public hospital for we can’t sustain the payment.

2015 to 2016

Yes I’m able to return to work praise God. Even received awards all by God’s grace. It’s on and off I’m at work and suddenly under medical leave. I choose to praise God in everything.

With confirmation of the LORD to resign during my devotion on Sep 17, 2016. While reading 2 Corinthians 3 which turn me in to tears I resigned. All I asked is strength of faith but God gave me more than that.

Yes I’m unemployed but I have new career sharing Him to my family and others. I’m registered person with disability but not PWD to share the gospel.

I’m nothing without God.

choose to keep the faith in all circumstances. I’m happy and blessed.

All praises, honor, and glory to God.

I’m treacherous sinner forgiven and freed. Once blind, meek and lame.

Ma. Camille K. Clemente


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