See you…

​God moves in mysterious way. Brother Mike Mueca and I, known each others through fellow siblings in Christ. We never met physically.

On the start of 2017 we have a positive view to meet. Both looking forward to hear personally each other’s testimony. The journey of leukemia and multiple sclerosis.

He motivated and inspired me to stop hating my self without knowing it. MS does turned me in to tears and mostly due to self pity. I have a medicine which side effect is to gain weight.

God made me realized that Him is the one I hate for my body is His temple. This does makes me cry for, “how can I hate my creator and friend?”

From that realization, I’m always fixing myself. Though I’m still fat, I choose to be presentable to God.

I’m nothing without God and I love Him.

I’m happy and blessed.

To God be all the praises, glory and honor.

Instagram: @camzphoenix13

Twitter: @CamzClemente13


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