Everyone wanted to be notice, selfish, choose pride than humility…. These sad truth is no matter how we hide we can’t.

Imprisoning ourselves from draining, hidden relationship just for the sake of what we call happiness. You’re not a victim, its your choice.

You keep ignoring the facts and embracing the myth you’ll be love. I’m not judging you nor anyone. Even I is at this state. I am single living in my dream. Single for a long time.

I’m hypocrite, to say if I never encountered to caged my self to a relationship that I am like a drawer. Only choose to be opened when remembered.

God gave me true meaning of happiness.

I am a treacherous sinner. But never happy to compare my self to others just to say I’m better or less according to my standards. God’s standards is the one to seek not ours.

All of us are sinners. We need Jesus.

Only Jesus can brake the great divide. Never through our endeavours and/or what we think can cleanse, save us.


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