Everything seems idle. Idle because I choose to literary rest without reading.

Everything we do is our choice. No reason to blame someone or even situation or circumstances. Life is short. Use what you call idle as resting with the LORD, keep chasing Him.

There are times we keep chasing what He created than Him, the creator. Singleness is not a sickness. Sickness doesn’t call to be idle, depressed, unproductive. Be productive chasing Him and surely you’ll feel filled, complete.

Can any of you live a bit longer by worrying about it?

Matthew 6:27 GNT

God loves us so much. Choose to smile than to worry. Choose to sit and stand than to settled on the bed. Let go of your self and allow His will be done.

My God is alive and the God of impossible.

He’s my healer. Whatever happens to us is His message to be used by Him if you’ll allow. If you’re really His authentic believer.

God loves us.

Every morning is a new day to keep knowing Him and sharing Him.


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