On September 17, 2016 this captured my heart and made me cried:

I was on medical leave and through the Holy Spirit it impressed my heart to go, leave everything that I hold particularly my long time dreams that was fulfilled through God’s grace. This decision is the hardest I made.

God knows that one of my dreams can give all I need, can provide for my medical needs.

I asked God to strengthen my faith but He gave me more than enough. He knows my future needs.

Right now I am still under construction to have fruits that God destined me to be.

LORD, I don’t know where You’re heading me to the recent trial of MS I’m going through. But I know this is message of Your hope.

I am ridiculous believer of Christ and You know me so well. Thank you for the love and rebuking me.

I need Jesus and I am nothing without Him. I really can’t and only Him can. Can’t to Science and God can.


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