Been rejected many times, more than a year before got approval. If the LORD, said go: go, trust and wait.

Even got to the point of almost there but still not mine. The idea God removed from me. I must seek His vision for me, to reach for His glory and never mine.

He is always at work. Working for His glory be seen. God knows I love to write since in childhood and to take pictures as art since I first hold the camera. Was assigned as a photographer to one of my previous job. This is not a professional photographer.

Who would thought I’ll land a job working for a professional photographer and someone who puts things in a planning? One by one introducing her business and her expectation. She also loves going the extra mile and attending questions.

A week ago I went to see an art exhibit before going to the free writing conference. Guess what the topic is about the blog. God is so amazing.

Yes, I have a foldable cane. Using in case of I have a sudden time can’t make a step.

I have a Big God and alive. Multiple Sclerosis can not mess up my faith. Called to be a warrior. Warrior of God. Blessed to Blessed.

I’m not dead sea. Designed to overflow the love of God and hope in all circumstances.


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