Four legs

I can no longer leave home without my third leg. I only can if it’s near to our house and/or I have a companion.

I love summer and to walk. Though it weakens me often. My third leg I never thought I will have. Cane needed to prevent slipping.

God is faithful. One symptom or any circumstance teaches me to get near to God more.

One sister in Christ, just this Sunday reminded me I have the fourth leg. The fourth leg that can be first to secure my path. And can be the last leg, to protect me, to never fall down to my back.

A lot of times testifies, that I have a tendency to fall more to back than to any side. Which never lead to collapse my legs. Blessed being caught by God. As if someone is pushing me from my back to turn my stand upright.

Feel down? Look for another perspective, not just your own perspective. Seek others perspectives. Most of all seek the perspective/will of God.


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