I thought a lot in matrimony way back… I remember, I targetted to be married and have kids at age 25. Childish thought I had.

Lot’s of sugar-coated lies laid on my way. Experienced to cry a lot and changed even my list. Thinking probably my standard is too high.

I praised God for loving me still despite of I entered to different doors which were closed. Different men but same standards that I entered many years ago. Don’t get me wrong this was never in multiple. The standards that were led on me crushed me hardly, different from my original standard. Worst they are not lovers of Christ.

I never asked to travel or where I dream to go. Mostly, I go to places I love alone. This photo was taken on almost last week of March 2018 and I am already single for years up to now:

Singleness is never a curse. Now that I am 31, I enjoy and love traveling with my family.

Never lower your standard. Stick to it. Most of all, never disconnect God. Cling to Him in all circumstances.

Jesus is the right source. Only Him can fill the vacuum in us.

Don’t agonize about being single.


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