Sugar, Spice and everything nice

Already read what I wanted to know many years ago. Being vigilant is a must not just trusting your first instinct. Most of all don’t be deaf and blind from God’s warning through His Word.

I remember power puff girls. Particularly what the ingredients used. I watched this also many years ago. I love Bubble because she looks friendly.

I also want to live in the world where there will be no more pain and tears. God is the right source to turn too.

I saw and experience first hand how the LORD solved what is impossible in my life. One is many asked me, “Did you said that you have a chronic illness, MS?” I always answer yes and I never hide it. God is the one who made it possible He can touch hearts.

We must always remember, God designed us where He’ll be glorified. We must learn to notice how many times we wake up; what skills and talents we have; everything we have… We own nothing. Everything is from God and for Him.

We must give time to Him. He is the only ingredient we need to full us, to fill in the emptiness we feel, to heal us… Yes, I also dreamed to be healed physically. What made me more happy is when I allowed God to emptied me of me for Him to filled me with Him. I choose to be MS warrior as God’s representative of hope, than to be a warrior against Him.

God loves us very much. Remember the cross. We can’t. God can. He can through us.


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