Found treasure

Yesterday, I got a wonderful message from “Brain Fog”.

2 incidents happened:

  1. I rode a car that I did not booked. Praise God we’re still at CCF and the driver is nice. Blessed to know the real one I booked is a Christian too and did not cancelled it. His patience is remarkable.
  2. I did not know I left my wallet. I only knew it when a young good Samaritan man able to found me through facebook and a wonderful coincident we have mutual friend. If not he can’t add me. Good thing I have ID there my PWD ID.

I did not worried. Though my wallet is a birthday gift from my aunt. What happened yesterday is a wonderful message from God to never worry and keep praying. Not just for myself but also the heart of others. Seek where God be glorified.

Thank you LORD, all glory to you 🙂


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